Thursday, May 20, 2010

may is beautiful

i just got the most amazing email from my mom:

Tori T:

Your "May Day Around the World" is so perfectly written! I'm so proud of my daughter I could squeeze her! You did a beautiful job writing succinctly and sweetly.

You are brilliant and talented! And we are overdue for a snuggly candlelit talk (availability as needed).

yes, yes, pile it on, mother! there's nothing like a surprise email from my mom full of effusive compliments to make my day. I LOVE HER! (no i'm not tearing up! i wore my mascara smudged on purpose today! i was feeling goth!)

what is the big deal, you ask? just a little thing called i have a byline in the may/june ladybug! if you feel the need to get in touch with your inner child--and remember, your inner child is full of wonder and suspends judgment at all times--it's posted below.

probably the most amazing thing about the whole process is that i got art commissioned especially for the piece. as much as i hope and dream about getting a real life short story published, no one gets commissioned art in a lit mag. maybe an accompanying polaroid of an alley full of garbage entitled "metaphysical duress," but not--OK FINE I STILL WANT A PIECE PUBLISHED. maybe i should start doing something called "writing second drafts and submitting them to magazines," instead of "existential whining to my boyfriend in the Target parking lot."

but enough about me, let's talk about my piece:

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