Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Truths One Lie

Y'all ready to play?

Today I almost stepped in:
1) vomit
2) an abandonned weave
3) the Stanley Cup

I have been stricken with a case of:
1) leprosy
2) serious hormonal meltdowns
3) incurably good-looking ankles...boy, was I born in the right century!

I PERSONALLY KNOW the mastermind(s) behind the following genius blogs:
1) Sum-Up Stories
2) Commission Meryl
3) The Sartorialist

I find the most inspiration for writing from:
1) 90's grunge & post-grunge
2) old people sitting alone
3) Ke$ha's feather earrings

Where am I currently located? (This one goes out to the one I love, this one goes out to the one I left behind, STALKEEEEEEERS, STALKEEEEEERS! Did you guys get that? I'm quoting an REM song...gosh, I thought it was kind of funny, oh speaking of stalkers have you guys heard about erotomania? Yeah totes creepy! Hugh Jackman and I think it's tooootally weird. Why are people such creepers? Hugh, call me! DON'T LET YOUR WIFE KEEP US APART ANY LONGER!)
1) at Alliance Cafe in Wicker Park, chilling with the doucheoisie
2) waiting for my boyfriend to play at Jerry's (and sulking because he's not here with me)

I did NOT write the following phrase:
1) I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell.
2) Does your heart beat like an 808 drum blah blah blah tik tok your love your love your love is my drug.
3) Pens, pens, pens, birds, birds, birds, me, me, me, me.

I am:
1) stupid
2) boring
3) self-indulgent
4)r09qwu2esfkj10983ruksdjoiu04r93uwdksljfs iced soy chai

Wasn't that fun? The prize for guessing correctly is that I will accompany you on an all-expense paid (by your dad) trip to Greece. Rad!

The false answer to all the questions is number 3, except for the last question - ALL ARE TRUE. My life would suck without you. HUGH.

help me, i plea
i don't understand
your ways and your means
you smashing young man
-collective soul

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