Saturday, August 7, 2010

GUEST POST: All the Things You Didn't Know You Want To Buy Me

Faithful Subjects---I MEAN, Readers (whoa that was creepy of me), I present you with the first-ever Guest Post on t-t-tori! Written by a girl named Susie, a girl I have known for a very long time, except we don't know each other super super well so it's hard for me to tell when she's joking or not, like once she called me conceited in a Facebook message and I was like, does she really think I'm conceited? And then I though, am I conceited? And then I thought, what's the purpose of life? And then I thought, if you gaze long enough into the abyss, does the abyss also gaze into you?

Regardless, Susie is totally hilarious and is my young twin/publicist, so let's give it up for SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSIE! Aren't you excited to read something that doesn't involve bitterness/urine/creepitude? Oh, and don't forget to click the link at the end of this post to buy Susie everything she has ever wanted. 


looking for neat gift ideas for your friend named susie? look no further!

1. pin wheels. ever since i was a mere child, the very site of these lovely creatures has sent me into a tizzy. rainbow colored, covered in purple daisies, sunshine yellow, it doesn't matter its color or creed! i wait with an open heart, and an empty front yard.

2. plays. a little secret about me: yes, i do like to read. books are great, but i feel like it's so typical to read them. no one thinks "hm, what an interesting girl" if you say "i like to read books!".
therefore, i've started reading plays. i enjoy plays of all types. from the crazy, screaming drama of American plays, to the quiet, proper, social commentary of the british. it feels hideous to say out loud- but i don't read many super old plays. feel free to buy me some of them. shakespeare is fer shure someone i need to hop on board with.

3. posters. as long as there are blank spots on my wall, there is room for more posters. make it something heartfelt, like a friendship poster. or perhaps something that shows you *really* love me, like a CCR or mamas and the papas poster. (or more simon and garfunkel. obviously i already have one, because my best friend is better than any of you are. it's okay...CCR posters will help your standing a lot.)
the only posters i will not accept are lord of the rings posters. i already have an alarming amount on my wall, and i don't even like lord of the rings.
wait- no pirates of the caribbean either
and please avoid giving me any twilight items.
no posters of singers under the age of 30 will be accepted.
but other than that- GO CRAZY.

4. the entire series of 2 guys and a girl. there isn't much to explain. they don't have that online anywhere, and i want it. make it happen.

5. all of the movies that i want to see, but can't find online or at the library. list is too long to be published here, message me for more information.

6. wind chimes. the most beautiful things since pin wheels. <3

if your response upon reading this is: i don't WANT to buy susie a present. you wanna know what i suggest? you buy yourself something. yeah, try A NEW ATTITUDE.

You can find all of Susie's favorite gifts HERE. Happy shopping!


  1. i am happy you can't tell when i'm joking. otherwise out interaction would be pointless.

    thanks for this, gossip tor.

  2. Excellent idea! You're such a smart blogger, Tori!

    By the way, did follow shopping advice and bought two books for myself. Not smart, intelligent book, but rather guilty pleasure books.


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