Saturday, August 28, 2010

Partners in Crime

My little brother John turns 21 today. 'APPY BIRTHDAY, LIL BRO! I have so many great memories with this particular small fry. Most can be filed under "Traumatizing Moments From My Past;" the rest probably belong in "Ganging Up on Our Younger Siblings."

Michigan: In a movie. I stole this. Sorry. I know it was wrong. I hope it's not top-secret promotional material. I won't tell anyone what the movie is called. OK OK IT'S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IV WITH TOM CRUISE!
Eritrea: Like any red-blooded American boy, John LOVED dinosaurs.
Illinois: Once, we tried to get in touch with our ancestral roots by dying our hair red.             


 North Carolina: The sweetest little boy ever!

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