Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Surrealist List of Pleasant Things

Wow, I've been posting a lot of really angry things lately. (Pause: HELLO MAN WHO JUST WALKED INTO THE COFFEE SHOP! YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ANDY WARHOL!) Maybe that's why all my friends have been avoiding me. At first I thought it was because my fabulous aura of success and Zen-like contentment was just too intimidating, but now I realize it's because I've deteriorated into a hateful and unappealing mess. YOU GUYS I REALLY HATE MY HAIR. I look so bad! Lady Gaga without makeup bad! And for someone who's planning to enter the Miss Universe contest in 2064, this is not a good thing!

Anyway, the hair, the computers, and losing my best draft of my favorite short story have really been getting me down. But enough of that! It's time to stop and smell the Surrealist daisies. In order to boost my mood--and lure back all my friends--I've compiled a list of things that make me happy (100% Salvador Dali-approved). I hope they make you happy, too.


fresh-picked daisies, dripping with morning egg

wind and other jewelry

bees sipping lucid exotics

very tall grasses in which to hide one's soulmeat

transparent hemophiliacs in ruby

stillborn rose laughter

frothy petticoats, swimming

absolutely everyone's spinal birthstones

manic yolk diamonds

goblets of cream trees

lemonade sun-butter

couture dresses of fine creekwater

a moon a day

waterbugs frozen in whipped milk

pretty nerves in a bathtub

cocktails, headless and iced

acorn melancholy

distilled lavender innuendo


  1. You can always make me laugh.
    I like the Lemonade Sun-Butter. :D

    What wrong with your hair? Or have I missed something?

    By the way, I read your post wrong for a second and thought one of your surrealists ideas was Lady Gaga without makeup (which would be a good one).

  2. Gaga without makeup IS a surreal thing...haha!

    I accidentally dyed my hair black (or maybe just really dark brown) and it looks fine, just not fine on ME. Ya know?

  3. Oh! That sucks!
    I've always been scared to dye my hair for that very reason. It'll be an easy fix soon enough!


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