Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quick-n-Easy Abbreviations

Here are some things I'm DTD (Down to Do):

DTAS (down to avoid solicitors)
DTGRQ (down to get rich quick)
DTOLOHC (down to own lots of haute couture)
DTHASD(CC) (down to have a sugar daddy [called Charlie])

Here are some things I'm NDTD (Not Down to Do):
NDTPUWSP (not down to put up with stupid people)
NDTTTGRE (not down to take the GRE)
NDTHAHPOML (this one is embarrassing, I'm not going to tell you. Oh, this makes me remember an interesting story. When I was in 6th grade, I used to get really mad at my classmates because they were idiots. What else is new? Anyway, sometimes I would write angry little notes in my secret secret SECRET glittery pink notebook, but I would write them as acronyms because I was afraid the she-devils of my grade would find them. So I would write something like IHCSITDIA = I hate Carly she is the dumbest idiot alive. But then I would get really worried that Carly--despite her North Carolinian IQ of approximately negative "Your Mom Married Her Brother"--would somehow figure out the message. So I would cross it out really really well, and write something else, something harmless, like SS = school sucks. Being a sixth grader was probably the worst time of my life.)
NDTHSL (not down to have student loans)
NDWMF (not down with Megan Fox...for an explanation, see NDTPUWSP)
NDWOS (not down with oil spills)

I'm a good person. Man I'm glad sixth grade is over. IHCSITDIA! CISFAISS,IKTFFB, HAHAHA! (Carly is still fat and I'm still skinny, I know this from Facebook, HAHAHA!)

PS: You wanna read some really bizarre abbreviations? Check out this list of World of Warcraft abbrevs (the site where I got the above picture). Particular gems include CoX (Curse of Exhaustion), DS (Drain Soul), IAotH (Improved Aspect of the Hawk), LHW (Lesser Healing Wave), and MD--Master Demonologist, of course.

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  1. I love this post. It's like Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) meets the computer gaming community meets Tori.

    My favorites: NDWMF and NDTPUWSP.

    P.S. When I was researching "guilty pleasures", one of them was "looking up mean girls on facebook just to see if that got fat".


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