Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Society Slouch

A quick template for locating good friends/supermodels:

1. Do they like their wine sickeningly sweet?
2. Are they unpretentious about their art?
3. Are they generous with vintage furs?
4. Do they adhere strictly to Girl Law?
5. Do they break into impromptu, Vogue-inspired photoshoots?
6. Do they have beautiful hair?

Click to enlarge. Chris I'm sorry I know you hate it when all pics are posted but I just couldn't help it they're all so cool. Modeling agents? Secret admirers? CONTACT ME FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY.

SIBERIA: Dedicated to Madeline Weinstein.


  1. omg. i wish i was a model with all my biddy loves.

  2. tru friendz. gotta luv it.

    your criteria for supermodel friends is so accurate by the by! I have a couple of them. They are diamonds in the rough.

  3. I mean to post on this blog. I loved it and approve(love) of supermodel-ness.

    You should do a The Society Slouch Pt. 2.


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