Friday, October 15, 2010

The Best Kind of Crying

 "Felonies and gourds have one very important commonality: they're both extremely fucking real."

I'm not feeling very inspired lately, so here are my absolute favorite cry-from-laughter reads (when I'm not going through my archives and laughing hysterically at myself and then getting depressed at the meaninglessness of life and attacking myself with shards of the mirror I broke when I discovered magic wasn't real and mirrors didn't talk back to you especially not if you were having a bad hair day!). Of course, after you read these you'll probably never come here again, but I'm feeling generous. Note how I link to McSweeney's twice. MCSWEENEY'S, LOOK HOW I SUPPORT YOU! Now will you love me?

Fashion and the Shining by Apocalypstick

Oh California! by Unnecessary Things (especially hilarz if you're a Northwestern student/live in Chicago. U OF CHICAGO STUDENTS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.)

A Man's Amusement Park from the Harvard Lampoon

Life's Little Instruction Book for Epic Adventuring from the Harvard Lampoon (this one will always make me think of my ninja-brothers.)

This is Just to Say That I'm Tired of Sharing an Apartment With William Carlos Williams from McSweeney's

Fourteen Passive-Aggressive Appetizers from the New Yorker

And my current favorites, two posts that make me sob hysterically with overwhelming, cathartic hysteria:

The Diary of Francisco Pizarro from the Harvard Lampoon

It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers from McSweeney's

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