Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Better GRE Vocab

(Or, What Happens When I Take to the Random House Dictionary to Determine Whether or Not "Greenhouse" is Hyphenated)

Look at this annoying hipster in his greige slouchy tee.

Goatish: of or like a goat; lustful, lecherous

Meriwether is a constant victim of the goatish advances of the very old, the very homeless, and the very insane.

Goatsucker: any of numerous insect-eating, mostly nocturnal called because formerly believed to suck the milk of goats

Damn you, you goatsucker!

Gobbet: a fragment or piece, especially of raw flesh

"Darling?" said Bella, "Is something wrong?"
"I'm craving a gobbet..." Edward murmured, bending forward to sniff her neck, "...OF YOU!"
Those were the last words she would ever hear.

Grecize: to impart Greek characteristics to

Heidi Montag tried to grecize her look with the help of her plastic surgeon...FAAAAAIL!

Gree: superiority, mastery, victory (a Scottish word)

I will have gree over the GRE!

Greige: gray goods; unbleached and undyed

(This word is useful if you're accosted by an annoyingly fashionable person who uses the hip new definition, "a color blending gray and beige," and says something cutesy like "Greige is the new black!" Then you can get all technical on that goatsucker.)

Grilse: an Athaltic salmon on its first return from the sea to fresh water

(This word is useful if you're dealing with an annoying foodie who's rambling about the subtle bouquet of charcoal and hazelnut that permeates the ($3) wine you just brought over. Next time you're at a restaurant with him, look at the waiter with an expression tinged with worry, and say, "Now, the seared wild salmon with red wine reduction--is it a grilse?")

Dying for more? Expand your vocab here.


  1. I went to click "like" and then it was a blog post so I had to leave an actual comment. Why isn't the whole world facebook? Anyway my point is I like this.

  2. I just love you so much. But genuinely, not goatishly... I promise!

  3. Thanks for your share! I think they are helpful for everyone. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

  4. I am so guilty of the misuse of "greige," and this made me laugh right out loud.

    Also, "why isn't the whole world facebook," is my new favorite phrase.

  5. YES! I love awkward unusable words!

    Who would (in all seriousness) use some of those words? Mayhaps around the dinner table just to throw everyone off.

    Good luck, Tori!


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