Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Death and Other Upcoming Events




My boyfriend and I just signed up to take the GRE together at approximately PANIC O'CLOCK. (= less than three weeks away.) We spent the weekend preparing accordingly--apple picking in Wisconsin, multiple pitchers of margaritas, watching the documentary "Babies" (which confirmed my long-held resolution never to have a child UNLESS it is a little black boy), going to the Jazz Showcase, and getting into fights.


How are these fools ever going to make time for studying and, ummmmmmmmmm, showing up for the actual test? GREAT INNER STRENGTH. As Charlie said yesterday, in reference to something that was definitely not the GRE, which shows you how absolutely 110% focused we are, "The keyword is perfection."


  1. omg love this pic. and LOVE the new big ass pic of you as a crazy bird.

  2. Agree! The new pic is freaking rad.

    I remember studying with Ted... um not much studying was ever accomplished.

    Good luck on the GRE, you brave girl!

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