Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Career Goals To Date

Ages 0-5: Princess, Sparkle Princess, Mommy

Ages 5-8: American (we lived in Africa and I really missed America for some reason)

Age 9: Destroyer of Walmarts (when we came back to America I loathed Walmarts)

Ages 10-14: Horse Owner, Professional Horse Rider, Horse

Age 14: Concert Pianist

Age 15: Mrs. Frederic Chopin

Age 16: Anything But Concert Pianist

Age 17-18: Actress, BAMF

Age 18.5: Lady Macbeth

Age 19: Vagabond

Ages 20+: Writer, Professor, Professional Existential Wreck, Assassin, Sugar Baby

1 comment:

  1. Tori, your creativity never fails to amaze me.

    Ages 5-8: AFRICA! I'm so jealous.

    Ages 20+: The list is scarily similar to my brother-in-laws.


You are truly great.