Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Jazz: A Conversation With Tori & Charlie

Charlie: So lately I've been really digging the Keith Jarrett American Quartet of the '70's.
Tori: Is he hot?
Charlie: I don't know about you, but I think Charlie Haden and Paul Motian are one of the best bass/drum teams in jazz history, right up there with Philly Joe/PC or Ron/Tony.
Tori: Once I was on a team.
Charlie: Shades of Jazz, off the album Shades, perfectly showcases what is so great about this band: deeply swinging, a foot in both bebop harmony and free jazz harmony, and a palpable joy which is a mark of all great music.
Tori: Can we be done soon?
Charlie: No, we've just started.
Tori: I don't like writing blog posts together.
Charlie: Well, this is awkward...
Tori: My new Vogue is here!
Charlie: I've also been enjoying Dave Holland's playing with Anthony Braxton recently. It's especially interesting to listen to Holland next to (Tori wanders off) Haden. Both are players who have mastered free bass playing, but are coming from different places...also, Dave is probably one of the most direct heirs to Ron Carter! Boo? Boo? (sound of wind whistling through the open door) 
Charlie (cradling his Keith Jarrett LP and singing softly): And if I cried a little bit...when first I learned the truth...don't blame it on my heart...blame it on my youth.

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