Monday, January 31, 2011

My Google Searches Make Me Look Like a 65-Year Old Sex Offender

Writing fiction comes with certain expectations. Like: your Google searches may not look normal to the FBI.

rose otto vs. rose absolute


macarthur (yeah, as in genius grant. What?)


how to get rid of pen stains (a serious risk of the trade)

girl names


inner corner of eye

nursing home

signs of a stroke

tear duct

children's heart defects

children's heart holes

children's heart monitor

how tall are 6 year old girls

lifesized barbie

doppleganger (I'm pretty sure every writer who has ever lived has googled this term)

robot sex dolls Japan

baby seat


poison tree

Just FYI, THESE ARE GOOGLE SEARCHES FOR DIFFERENT STORIES. The height of a six year old girl has nothing to do with the Japanese robot dolls!

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