Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Americans Ain't Got Nothing On Love

From a French children's picture book:

A poem!? But what
is a poem?

Determined, Arthur continues his search.
He runs to Lolo's bicycle shop.
Lolo knows everything, laughs all the time,
and is always in love.
He is repairing a tire and singing.

--A poem, Arthur, is when you are in love
and have the sky in your mouth.

--Oh...? Okay.

-This is a Poem That Heals Fish South America, big surprise:

Love, like the resin
of a tree filled with blood,
hangs out its strange odor of the origin
of natural enchantment:
the sea goes to extremes
or the devoured night
breaks over your motherland:
your soul breaks inside you,
two bells of bone sound,
and nothing happens but the weight
of your body, empty once again.
-Neruda, "Physics"

The rest of the world is miles ahead of the good ol' USA when it comes to talking about love. This is probably because Americans are too busy feeling self-conscious and being AWKWARD. Happy Valentine's Day. Get off Facebook!

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