Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't know much about art, but I know just what I like (when I see it). Today, I've been craving these gorgeous, bright, creepy, surrealist prints. Sadly, I can't find these fo' sale anywhere (as if I could afford them...especially this first one from the 1980s). Also...I don't know how intensely I should decorate my apartment, because...what if I move somewhere else? What if I decide not to resign my lease? I mean, right now I feel with all the depths of my soul that I need the perfect little table to fit right behind my door but WHAT IF THE NEXT PLACE I LIVE HAS NO SUCH OPPORTUNITY FOR A LITTLE TABLE? Is this what it feels like to be a nomad?

by Jo Ellen Van Ourwerkerk
By Angie Wang. I NEED THIS!

by J.L. Schnabel. I'm obsessed with this one, it reminds me of Coraline.

All images taken from Phantasmaphile.


  1. haha..I made the mistake of never making places I just decorate no matter the prints!!!!!


You are truly great.