Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Even Janis Joplin Thinks the Beat Lifestyle is Jive

Just like me!

So I know what you're trying to tell me
When you say, "Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama,
I've gotta go out shopping for my life
I've gotta find my own true third eye
Hare Krishna identity out there on the road there.
And although it may be comfortable here
Sleeping in your nice bed with all those satin sheets
And all that nice fur, eating all that chicken,
Getting stoned, having a good time--
I have to go and rough it.
I have to go to Africa,
Or I have to go to Omaha, or someplace like that.
I have to find myself, you know what I mean?"
So there's this stud, man,
Walking around the fucking highways of America
With a pack on his back, looking for his identity, right?
Well, I want to say, "Baby, don't you know
You left your mama here all alone?
You left your good loving mama right here at home."

Oh Janis! She makes me believe in good loving all over again. 

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