Thursday, February 17, 2011


I thought this was pretty cool.

HA, because it's MY SCREENSHOT! Yeah, this is the glorious wealth of information (mostly from Wikipedia, aka The Free PhD) that I'm using to write my next story. Notice the lack of Facebook tabs, of email tabs, of other people's blogs! Just pure silvery research. Click on it to see the tabs up close and personal. HELL YEAH I need to know about humpback whales and their mysterious mating songs! Not to mention everything about fog (basically I need to know: does fog happen when it's cold or warm? When it's warm and gets cold fast? Visa versa?). And most importantly, I need to know if I'm allowed to refer to my sexy protagonist's bone structure as "rhombohedral."

You may be asking yourself, "Tori. Tori, Tori, Tori. Why do you post such inane content? Why do you clutter the sleek, spam-free fields of the Internet with your drivel?" And I answer you: I know. Some may think this is boring. But I think it's super fascinating. Like, I'd love to know what my friends are researching as they write their stories and poems. (A quick computer hacking reveals Meri's list: "dating and destroying the common sociopath," "how to make egg bombs," "career advancement timeline for call girls.") But since none of my besties (Stuart D., Junot D., Pablo N., F. Scott F., etc.) are doing it, it's up to me. MEN ARE SO INCOMPETENT!


  1. I think I need to do research on martinizing and dry cleaning since I just got a job and started today in the steamy confines of our neighborhood dry cleaners!! I think some sketches and steamy (get it) stories about the place will be in order. Just have to learn the job and get my knees and feet to quit their freakin screaming at me. How do you do art or write when your knees hurt?!? Maybe a little haiku...
    I started a job
    do you want starch on that shirt
    give me some money

    see what you started....

  2. I just checked my own recent searches. They include: "Icelandic wisewomen," "Baba Yaga," "what is logocentricism," and "mantra+Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru." Dear God what are our lives?

    Also, please never stop updating this blog, I need it to live.


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