Thursday, February 24, 2011


My desk: a real-life tumblr account.
I have always really liked my name. It might sound a little selfish--but I think it's super healthy to like your name. Even you, Hephzibah. LOVE THY NAME, WOMAN!

"Tor-Tor" is a nickname from my youth, given to me by two parents and several crazy (hippie?) uncles, perpetuated by a little sister who came along eight years later. It's also the name of my...TUMBLR! I know, though I hate the internet and all modern technology, I neeeeeed a tumblr. Why? Because I am ADDICTED to fragments. Bits of poems, quotes from little kid submissions, song lyrics (I'm original), last lines, and (hellooo!) crazy words. I just love 'em! I can't get enough! And I currently have them everywhere: stuck on my computer, pinned over my desk, saved in my text "drafts," emailed to myself, written on little scraps of paper stuck inside novels, and tattooed on all six of my limbs. I need a place to collect them! A place that I can visit and revisit, mulling over my lovelies and clacking my long, dark fingernails together. And you can visit them, too.

I promise, no inspirational quotes, and no artsy hipster spam! Just words.

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