Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My boyfriend and I have been really into disposable cameras lately. There's just something very raw, gritty, and voyeuristic about the photos they produce...not to mention how good it feels to have an actual photo in your hand (this is coming from a girl who is on her 5th computer crash AND COUNTING).

In other photography news, I GOT A HOLGA! I mean, I got a Holga from Urban Outfitters ugh that uses 35 mm film, so I don't think it's as legit as the original version. I literally know nothing of photography. But that's all about to change. Don't worry, I'll be super pretentious about it! You've come to expect nothing less from Tori Dot Gov DOT GOV dot gov DOT!

Anyway, here are some disposable camera shots from my love Christolf's birthday party. I just love how real and imperfect they are. Everybody looks like they're on Quaaludes.

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  1. i have only tears---of joy and envy---with regard to everything on this page. le sigh shmiss you


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