Sunday, March 20, 2011


As you may have noticed, I'm trying to make my blog look better...AND FAILING.


And googling things like "word-spacing HTML."

It is a work (of great art) in progress. But for now, at least you can read my favorite posts (to the right)...mwahaha.

One more thing: if you're ever at Dollop (a coffee shop in Chicago), I have a word of warning for you. The "comedic actress" who works here is the most annoying creature to ever haunt this earth, and has the grating voice of a dried jalapeno pepper. They just started playing Biggie Smalls and she just screamed "OH MY GAHHHHHD! I LOVE NINTH GRADE!!!!!" Please, if you're looking for a comedic actress, don't hire her. I'll do the work for you. Fo' free. That's how much I care about this cause.


  1. I HATE THAT GIRL SO MUCH. Why can't people who are inclined to talk too much be born mute?

  2. I WISH I COULD MAKE FUN OF HER TOO she sounds horrible. Also my blog is of ugly proportions and I don't know how to make it prettier :( its hard, I know.


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