Saturday, March 26, 2011

Partying, Partying, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun

In honor of Rebecca Black, and to irritate my boyfriend, I shall now commence posting the lyrics "Friday" in their entirety here:

Nahh,  but seriously, let me tell you a little bit about how my weekend gets started.

I wake up.

I go to Intelligentsia.

I sing, "FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GETTING DOWN ON FRIDAY" until my boyfriend literally bans the song from his car.

I send some top-secret emails about my top-secret weekend plans. Dear Paparazzi: I will be here at this time... etc.

I text my boyfriend a shopping list for the pizza party we're having tonight. Men are so incompetent. 

I call my boyfriend and yell into the phone "PARTYING PARTYING (YEAH!) PARTYING PARTYING (YEAH!) FUN FUN FUN FUN!" How cute is that?

I check facebook to make sure my relationship status has not been deleted.

I suddenly feel depressed, sad, and ennui-ac for no reason.

I try to write some funny things on my friends' facebook walls. Facebook eats my comments. I recoil in fear.

I notice someone is engaged.

I feel happy for them.

I am nice about it.

I send some conspiratorial emails.

I check my hair in the bathroom mirror.

I ask myself, "Does this new bob make me look like a soccer mom?"

I cry.

I think about what I'm going to wear to Polymathic's 1-year anniversary party tonight (yeah!). Answer: JEGGINGS.

I download the Jeggings Voice-Over app.

I start to edit a story that I'm hoping to submit to a fiction contest on March 31. Upon re-reading my story, I spiral into a black hole of insecurity. But hark--what is that lovely sound, careening through the nothingness?

yesterday was Thursday, Thursday / today is Friday, Friday / we, we, we so excited 

I email my mom and tell her I'm feeling insecure and down about my writing. She responds: "Some day you too will be veteran seasoning." WHAT?

I break up with my favorite Starbucks sandwich. I feel liberated.

That's about it. Other key things I will be doing include a) picking up my jeggings from M who ordered them online for me with her discount MWAHAHA b) watching Twin Peaks EEEEEEK c) sleeping in ZZZZZZ d) trying to avoid going to bikram yoga EWWW e) going dancing with a fellow former homeschooler HOLLA f) singing "Friday" until 11:59 pm tonight, for I am nothing if not considerate of the time.

But enough about me. Have a good weekend, my charming invisible darlings! (I know you're there.) Whatcha doing?


  1. which seat should I take?

  2. eating a noodle/tuna casserole

  3. hold up, you submitted to the power of the Jeggings? Atta girrrrl. Its irresistible!

  4. OH GURL yes i did. get this--i have FLARED jeggings. i now live in them. thank you for introducing me to this magical new world.


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