Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Creeping is Genetic

I was going through my very important files the other day--you know, files like Tax Information (soup recipes, random receipts), Published Work (empty!), and Northwestern (Phi Beta Kappa paraphernalia, betches! No, I did NOT purchase the $200 mahogany engraved PBK stool!)--when I found a file marked simply "Stuff."

It was a treasure trove! First of all, it was full of flattering old Polaroids of myself (IS THIS REAL LIFE?), kind birthday cards from people who love me (HI GRANDMA!), hilarious photocopies of Gary Larson cartoons (I'm kind of a hoarder), and best of all, the most adorable ephemera you can possibly imagine, created just for me by my baby sister. There was an invitation to a VIP-only "movie night." There was a card promising me a shopping spree which never quite managed to materialize. And lo and behold, there was a booklet called 9 Ways to Get Through College. The dedication read: "To Tori (of course, who else that I know of is in college?)".

Here is Way to Get Through College #8:


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