Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kate & Johnny: A Retrospective

Every now and then I'm going through life and then all of a sudden I remember: KATE MOSS AND JOHNNY DEPP USED TO DATE!!! ?????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!

It gets me every time. I mean, what a beeeeautiful couple! I think Kate Moss is the most beautiful woman in the world (my other Most Beautiful Woman is Ciara, no joke, she's SO GORGEOUS), and as anyone who knew me during the wild days of my youth can tell you, OMG JOHNNY DEPP IZ MAH HUZBAND! POTC!!!!! I HAVE A NOTEBOOK WITH HIS FACE ON IT!

The ever-so-cool nineties fashion, the insouciance (such a Vogue word, I hate it, but you know it's perf), the gritty paparazzi shots...oh, I DIE! I'm going to run home and buy a pack of cigarettes and make my boyfriend smoke them while taking Holgas. WE CAN BE ICONIC TOO!


  1. This is like when I think about how Zooey Deschanel used to date Jason Schwartzman and oh, the ironic hipster tots they could have made that would be cast in Wes Anderson films and have their own Coachella act at 8 years old.


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