Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Lemme tell you a little bit about myself. No, seriously, it's fine, I don't mind. Please, take a seat.

I've always loooved coffee (coffee ice cream has been my favorite flavor since I was a tiny buzzed fetus) but recently, courtesy of my boyfriend (whose mom opened her own PHENOMENAL coffee shop in Connecticut), I've been able to appreciate good coffee more and more. My boyfriend makes such incredible coffee that I can drink it black, even though I was always the typical "CREAM AND SUGAR AND SUGAR AND HAZELNUT!" kind of girl.

So, there's this adorable coffee shop called Chava Cafe in a rather bleak and sketchy area of the city known as Uptown, where my boyfriend and his gang dwell. They have delicious coffee and amazing pastries and the guys there are really nice and knowledgeable and honest and some are former pastry chefs. 

Anyway, I was reading the Yelp reviews for Chava,  and I came across this one star comment:

"Cha'va follows a groundbreaking biz plan called, 'Let's not give the customer what they want and see if they return.' The scripted training looks something like this.

Me: Good morning. I'll have a double shot of expresso over ice, please.
Barrista: No....can't do that. It's against store policy.
Me: Ha! Nice a small cup is good.
Barrista: It's not a joke. It ruins the taste.
Me: That's how I like it...I order it every morning somewhere else and it's fine.
Barrista: Yeah, sorry. Cafe Americano is similar.
Me: Speechless.

Bottom line: They suck! Expresso over ice is my replacement therapy for a kicked (6 weeks!) nicotine habit....and this dingbat tried to F*** it up with his petty expresso snobbery."

Sort of your typical offended Yelp post, probably by the same type of person that loves to get into online comment fights on articles about celebrity fashion. (Also, she doesn't know how to spell espresso.) But then I saw the response from Chava and I wuz like whoa.  I want to post it here, and tell you all to go support them by buying fifty Nutella croissants each, because this response is so earnest and passionate and encapsulates the small business mentality that I love and want to support. And most importantly, this comment shows someone sticking unrelentingly to their standards, which is something NOBODY seems to do anymore. My faith in humanity is restored! Coffee for everyone! Yah, I bolded my favorite lines.

Hi Jennifer,
I was the person who took your order that day and I am also one of the owners of the shop.  I'm sorry my interaction with you came off as snobbery as that was not my intention at all.  While I may be able to understand you being upset, I think your characterization of our exchange is unfair and misleading.  The first thing I said, in fact, was that I was sorry I could not accommodate your request.  I then proceeded to explain why we do not make this drink.  I also understand that as a consumer, you may not care. We, however, do. We would not make you that drink because we did not want to sell you a drink that we thought tasted bad.  We take our jobs seriously. We have no part time highschool slackers that work here.  We believe coffee is a culinary beverage and should be treated with the same care as a craft cocktail or wine, both of which are far less complex aromatically and in chemical composition.  I also understand, that to you, this all seems silly and pretentious, and I am sorry if this reads like pretense.  We are not some big corporation, this shop is my life's work and I take all these reviews to heart.  I think it is OK that we disagree on what coffee is or should be.  I just don't want to be depicted as some rude, slacker, hipster barista that does not care to treat customers with respect, because that is hardly the case.  If by some chance you ever want to come back into our shop, let me make you that drink the way we prepare it, on the house.  And if you are still unsatisfied, you will at least have given it a chance.
-Richard P.


  1. this is inspiring. i had no idea chava was that bad ass.

  2. wow..I want their coffee! think they can send me a good cuppa nice and piping hot to Utah? No? well darn..

  3. Okay, why haven't I been here yet? It is the new HQs of the Uptown Gang.

  4. l.o.v.e.

    pretentious seattle coffee hipsters, take note, and do not judge me for ordering the occasional frappuccino, and also do not scald my milk.

  5. We are going here upon my next visit. That shit is rad.

  6. I really, really like the Chava folks makin' java the right way. A+ response.


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