Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Don't Believe in Long Leases

I have big news, folks. I'm moving! Moving, moving, moving down the river to a tiny, cheap, bright little studio in my very favorite Chicago neighborhood, close to scads of my favorite people, with its own porch AND A GRAVEYARD NEARBY! Can we say "creepspiration"? As Rebecca Black once sung so eloquently: We so excited. We so excited.

Of course, I'm also a little bit sad. I love my current apartment soooooo much. Maybe my love has something to do with the fact that I came here, freshly traumatized from the horrific Battle of the Cockroach, and my beautiful bright sunny corner apartment welcomed me with open arms, crisp white walls, tons of windows, and endless breezes. I'm going to miss my windows, fsho! I mean, I'll get more windows, and I think they might even be bigger windows, but, you know, I have a thing for windows, and I wish I could have all the windows of my entire life in one place rather than having to window-hop as I do.

AND I'LL MISS HAVING INTELLIGENTSIA RIGHT NEXT DOOR! OH, GRIEF! But I won't miss the endless Asian restaurants (I hate Asian food, sorry if that makes me less of a white person), the female stalker I recently discovered I have, and the awful mega-corporate company that owns my building. My new apartment is owned by a husband-wife team who named the building after their daughter. I know! It's too precious!

While messing around with the settings on my camera (I finally discovered how to take decent pictures that don't look heinously digital!), I decided to take pictures of my apartment so that those of you who haven't been to my wild parties of LSD-laced lemonade and blueberry boy bait can see my lair.

The meeting place of the legendary Salon. See the first publication by a member of our group in the current issue of Off the Coast.

Heartbreaking poems, our generation's best children's author, and an amazing vintage edition of K-Dawg.

Beautiful flowers from the Best Boyfriend 2011 champ.

I perch in this chair for hours...just watching.

Basil, aloe, Swiss chard, marjoram...all my best friends. MOMMY LOVES YOU!

My favorite things (books, cameras, hats, glass bottles)

Recently-read. But which one is my favorite novel of all time?!?

Secret stash of Vogue.

Tiny picture frames containing best friends. Why yes, that is a signed copy of Naeem Murr's latest novel in the background.

I don't have enough room for all my shoes in my closet, so I keep the coolest/brightest on display.
But this is real life. (Scuffed.)

My beautiful teapot. THX JG!

My desk. I never write here, don't bother to immortalize it.


  1. I cannot begin to tell you what I would have done with this information when writing "Fiction Is Dead". You make it too easy, Tori.

  2. oh my word...why is it so adorable?? I MISS IT SO MUCH.

    i really like that chair. and the PLANTS! ajsdadasd

  3. Brock: You would have...described in detail the INSIDE OF MY APARTMENT?!?!?!?!?! You've creeped me out. FINALLY. ;)

    Susie: Come visit mah new place! The chair and the plants will still be there (just a little more squished, you might have to sit ON the plants, etc.).

  4. Still not 100% convinced that you dont like Asian food.

  5. 1. Wow! What an adorable apartment!
    2. It wouldn't be a Tori-Apartment without a 1.5 million books.
    3. Congrats on the move and new adventures in your life!

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