Friday, July 15, 2011

A Really Exciting Career Change!

My parents always told me I was a ridiculously talented piano player, and growing up in a petri dish of delusional-ego-breeding was wonderful for a little thing called my self esteem. I can do anything! I just know it! So you'll be happy to hear that I have decided to become a comic strip artist.

Writing is hard, but comics are super easy, everyone knows that. I happen to have a firm grasp on what makes a successful comic strip, which is how I know I'm gonna be a great artist. Look, I even DREW A COMIC STRIP about DRAWING A SUCCESSFUL COMIC STRIP. Click to enlarge.

I mean, RIGHT?!? I ain't writing no' mo'. This is my meal ticket.


  1. I totally want to be a comic book artist, too. And now, with your expert visual aid, I CAN! I may have to post the results on my blog.

    Oh, and my third career will be cartoon voiceovers.

  2. Ha! So true!

    P.s. Love the blog

  3. OH MY GOSH, I have an ex-boyfriend who used this EXACT formula! If you're him and secretly created this blog just for me to enjoy, thank you!! #becauseitsallaboutme

    ps, I put your blog in my GoogleReader and I'm reading (AND LOVING) all your posts, if you can't tell.


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