Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Holgas

To be honest, I'm sort of over my little Holga. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that something I bought at Urban Outfitters ends up being a cheap version of the real thing...

It doesn't do any of the things that REAL Holgas are supposed to do (cool light leaks, vignetting). Its charming imperfections--off-center photos, graininess--are nothing that you couldn't get from a disposable camera. And unlike a disposable camera, it doesn't have a flash, so EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A PHOTO AT A PARTY IT DOESN'T DEVELOP. Really, the only cool thing is the double exposure, uh, thing. But at least that's really cool.

Spoken like a true photographer, eh? Right? "Vignetting"? That was impressive, huh? I know, I know.


  1. that is a real holga. they just take a lot of getting used to. (this is maggie strange, btway.) and you can get an attachable flash, i'm sure. depending on which one you have. the one they sell at urban is the real thing though. though they are "toy" cameras, they're actually very tricky and take a lot of experimenting. i think yours are actually quite good. sorry if i sound like a camera turd.

  2. Oh, but I like them! You've got a point about the disposable camera thing though...

  3. I like them :)
    Also I agree with anonymous #2 aka Maggie. get the flash attachment! then you'll have instant street cred.

  4. thanks, ladies!

    maggie, what i meant was that the Holga 135 is much different than the original Holga 120 and all it's 120-esque friends. so far, the plain 135 is pretty disappointing and i wish i had gone with one of the 120s instead. i realize that they're both "real" Holgas, cheap toy cameras, but the 135 doesn't seem to have the charming quirks of the original model(s), which is what i don't like about it...oh well...

  5. ohhhh yes. yes. the 120 is definitely better. i have one, actually. one that i can't use because there are no film labs anywhere in sight.


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