Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer So Far

If you forget about mosquitoes (which is quite literally impossible to do when suffering from a mosquito bite, which happens constantly if you have very prominent veins in your wrists and ankles that attract mosquitoes like crack), summer is one of the best seasons on earth. I can think of only two other seasons that rival it: spring and fall. Am I forgetting someone? MAYBE I AM, CHICAGO.

My summer has been filled with work and itchiness and irritating family dynamics. But if you go by the photos on my camera, my summer has been filled with nothing but joy and goodwill, including (but not limited to):

1. raspberry gin-and-tonics, Charlie's genius invention
2. Mexican Cokes (like coke, but better!)
3. reading and iced coffee (the past month has been a cracked-out novel extravaganza: Olive Kitteridge, The Remains of the Day, My Antonia, King, Queen, Knave, and The Boy. I CAN'T STOP READING THINGS. The sun/iced coffee/novel trifecta is not one to be messed with.)...
4. ...and more reading...
5. my grandparents' farm, the most beautiful place on earth...
6. ...which we were heartbroken to leave
7. dealings in poisonous nail polish
8. and a mysterious window-washing stranger


  1. these pictures are so cute!

  2. Aw I love you guys!

  3. #2 = <3

    Let us take 2 seconds to remember our excursion to the store to buy Manzana Gold.


  4. UGHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so humiliating. we can't be TAAAMED!


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