Friday, August 12, 2011


Last night was weirdly emotional. I said goodbye to one of my oldest friends (going off to grad school), my little brother (going off to college), and my childhood home. Yeah, my parents are moving to California. I MEAN IT'S AMAZING. I can't wait to run away from Chicago every five seconds and smoke sherm on the Cali beaches. I still don't know what sherm is because no one will tell me and I refuse to use Google. I like asking questions. Questions without answers. Questions of the soul. Questions of the soul like WHY IS MY CHILDHOOD CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME? ...and the tears fall down my face like blackened rain...

I know I know I know I'm not a child and I haven't been for several years, but I love Western Springs, the beautiful suburb of my teenage years. I love it even more because I hated it so much as a teenager. Yes, I wrote angsty poems about its "manicured lawns." And it's weird knowing that I can take the Metra to Western Springs and walk down Woodland Avenue and at the end of Woodland Avenue there won't be a house with a garage door that never locks that I can scramble into and wait for my forgetful family to trickle home while I search the fridge for something vegetarian. I guess I can still do all that, but I'd probably get put in jail. AND I DON'T WANT ANOTHER FAMILY TO LIVE THERE. I WANT MY FAMILY.

(At least this move isn't as bad as the move from North Carolina to Chicago that took place when I was about 13. I was so upset that I wrote my name in blood on the top of the chimney. No joke. My finger was already bleeding, don't worry, I'm not that sociopathic.)

We were wandering around Western Springs yesterday evening, and everything was bathed in this sort of surreal blue light, and I was like, Of course, Western Springs. Of course you pull out the poetic stops right when I'm about to lose you. Touché, Western Springs. I totally underestimated you.


  1. aw! those pictures are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos - and I hear ya. Goodbyes are the worst. Here's to new beginnings, though!

    Great blog!

  3. Wow you're a great writer. Really enjoyed that post. xo

  4. Goodbyes are never easy but like Stevie said, here's to new beginnings!

  5. That second paragraph just made me so sad. On the bright side:
    1. you haven't written anything in blood on your old house (I assume, it's been a couple of days, maybe you have now--life moves pretty fast, things happen, etc etc)
    2. now you can pretend like you're living in the season finale of an MTV reality TV show or WB drama! (the best part of saying goodbye)

    But, really:


You are truly great.