Friday, August 5, 2011

An Open Letter to Boys

It's totally fine, keep dressing like a slob. Whatever, bro. It's your life.

You'll just never know the avenues of wonder that almost opened up to you when you considered buying that slim-cut, well-fitting suit. Do you have any idea what girls think about guys in suits? No? It's probably better that way.

UPDATE: Just go here. Always.


  1. i LOVE a man in a suit.

  2. Amen! A man in a well-fitting suit = mucho sexiness!

  3. one time when I was still visiting Seattle we went into Crossroads Trading Company, and this friend of mine found a really nice white button up and could not understand why it fit so amazingly...and me and his sister look at the label and were like, dude, its VERSACE. And he bought it. Proud moment.

  4. PREACH! suits are so hott.. actually if you see that movie crazy stupid love, youll just stare at ryan gosling for hours in his suit :)


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