Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fattening Links
I am far too busy and important to post a real thing right now, but I have lots to share with you--my nearest and dearest, my squishy darlings, my overheated aortas.

First: I interviewed Kirsten Kaschock, this super cool poet and novelist, for Cicada (one of the ten thousand and fifty seven magazine I work for). Check it out, brah. (Are you there, Lorin Stein? I'd make a great interviewer for the Paris Review...)

Second: Speaking of Cicada, you know you want to friend us on Facebook! Why? BECAUSE I'M BEGGING YOU.

Third: You probably hate anthologies as much as I do, but Kafkaesque is surprisingly great.

Fourth: I HAVE A TWITTER! Disclaimer: it's not a personal Twitter. I do not talk about my feelings. It's a twitter about things that are the new other things. See: Mules are the new albatrosses.

Fifth: I'm going to Portland in a few short hours!!!!! I've never been, but it's already my second-favorite city (my first being the lovely city of California). I CANNOT WAIT. I would write this entire post in Curlz MT if I could. That's the kind of joy I feel right now. PS: I'm never coming back.

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  1. Are you going to Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? Never been to the former, but the latter is lovely or it used to be before they started tearing down all the cute old buildings and filling the sky with ugly trendy fru-fru apartment skyrises that you can only live in if you have a pedigree dog that is either cute or super ugly. The large downtown library is worth a visit (unless they've sold off the books on Amazon and filled the stacks with court house files).


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