Thursday, February 9, 2012

People Doing Adorable Things at Intelligentsia

Despite the fact that our universe is hurtling toward a bloody, fiery destruction (PS: the world is obviously not going to end in ice, Robert Frost), everyone is being so adorable today and making me really happy. Here are some of my observations on people being cute and happiness in general:

As I was watching The Artist with my boyfriend and his cute shaved face yesterday, I realized that women are so much more beautiful when they smile and laugh. I was like, "Damn, his wife is ugly, too bad that hot young bid is about to steal him away," and then I was like, "That young bid isn't even pretty in a traditional way but she's always smiling!" And then I got my face permanently re-sculpted into a smile so I will always be beautiful.

Right now I'm sitting at the end of a communal table at Intelligentsia, and I just watched two sweet people, sitting across from each other, engage in the most innocent, adorable, brief flirtation. The man leaned toward the woman and said, "Do you want some of this coffee? I'll never finish it." (Intelligentsia gives you extra coffee in a little glass pitcher if you order a larger size.) She chuckled and agreed, and they proceeded to talk about everything from coffee to his acting career to their respective names. He was an actor, visiting Chicago for the week, and she kept giving him the most adorable suggestions: museums and shows and quirky little restaurants to check out. I was screaming, mentally, "GO FOR A WALK IN MILLENNIUM PARK TOGETHER!" but unfortunately their love was not destined to be consummated today and she left. Now he sits next to me, texting rapidly. Perhaps he is updating his Twitter page.

Shortly after that eligible young broad left, a pair of Irish tourists asked me to take their picture in their irresistible lilting accents. I think they're a daughter-dad pair. Dying! Now they're gushing about the flavors ("flay-vehs") in their coffee. Seeing happy people is so good for the soul. It's like gazing at a beautiful field of poppies and knowing that those poppies will one day be opium, slowly killing a modern-day Dorian Gray (question: what is wrong with me?).

My second boyfriend, the Poetry Foundation, just hipped me to this amazing project called The Modernist Journals Project, where you can download entire issues of Modernist magazines for free. I'm so excited to read The Little Review: "Its modest title notwithstanding, The Little Review probably did more to promote modernism than any other American journal, representing in its pages dozens of international art movements and the leading avant-garde figures of the day. It's also where most of Joyce's Ulysses first appeared in print." Unoriginal observation of the day: I think it's so amazing that technology (The Future) can make the past so rich for us.

Jilted actor man is now staring at his phone and shaking his head. Perhaps he will offer me some of his coffee now--no? Okay.


  1. i want that cute actor guy to hit on me!

  2. and some coffee right now please.

  3. This is such an amazing post, I'm smiling whilst reading it. I agree, gazing upon others happiness always makes you feel better. But it also works the other way, sadness makes you sad. So soak up the happiness as much as you can! Great post!


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