Monday, March 5, 2012

Things That Aging Bros Say

"I wrote a screenplay once with a buddy of mine."

"That was the name of my band."

"I used to have a lot more hair."

"Ah, my twenties." (knowing laugh)

"I'm comfortable with getting older."

"I'm not big on all that corporate lingo."


"I've never wanted a family."


"I'm comfortable with where I am right now."

"Business school."

"I went to business school."


"Venture capital."

"Business school. Business school."

"Heyyyy there."



  1. "Heyyyyy there" hahaha! These are brilliant.

  2. How brill is this!!? The only thing missing is some damned business school acronyms: "Get me those P&Ls by EOD before you take some PTO."


You are truly great.